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Global Chemistry Conference 2020

The aim of Chemistry Congress 2020 is to gather the world class experts both from academic and industry in a common platform. Chemistry Conferences aims to bring together leading academic scientists,

Strontium Titanate Single Crystal Substrate

A standard smartphone touchscreen has glass on the outside, on the top of two layers of conductive materials called Indium Tin Oxide. These layers are very thin, transparent to light and conducts smal

Cadmium Selenide/Zinc Sulphide core shell Nanoparticles

CdSe ZnS core shell Nanoparticles: Appropriate precursors for shell growth should fulfill the criteria of high reactivity and selectivity (no side reactions). For practical reasons, and in particular

Brick Acid Site

A site providing details on brick acid and how it is used in the modern world.

Challenger Switch Light Study Guide

Red Triangle Productions: Switch Light Guides and Aircraft Systems Interactive Software. KNOWLEDGE makes you the MASTER of your Aircraft! Switch light guides, comprehensive diagrams and schematics. Re

biological microscopes

Supplier and Wholesaler of Microscopes for electronics industry, educational & laboratory markets

science articles


Comply with the W.A.F.F.L.E.S. and their robotics groups on instructional and exciting adventures.

Our club is centered in Kingston, Ontario and our intention would be to have a very good deal of fun making use of robotics to understand regarding the exciting entire world of science, engineering an

bladeless fan

Dyson’s new air multiplier is a very nice idea.? Can that same principle be applied for boat/maritime propulsion? For that matter, can it be used for aircraft? I’m thinking in terms of hel

Drug Side Effects.

This site contains information on the side effects of various drugs. Educate yourself about the dangers of drug side effects.

Red eared slider turtles

An online resource on red eared slider turtle.